An African Inspired 2021 Holiday Gift Guide


2020 was the year of celebrating Black-owned businesses, but who says that has to stop now? We’re still going strong on the #BuyBlack train this year, so we’ve created a holiday gift guide featuring Black-owned home décor, accessories, and more from ZifasBoutique to assist with your holiday shopping this year. So let’s go ahead and dive right in!


African Inspired Fashion Accessories

African print clothing is all the rave, but check out these unique accessories that’ll give any outfit an Afrocentric touch.


  1. Rouge African Beaded Necklace

Best for: Family and friends who aren’t afraid to make a statement.




You already might be eyeing this necklace for yourself, but this is a gift guide, remember? We can’t blame you, though, because this beaded necklace is definitely a showstopper. You can elevate any outfit with the Rogue beaded necklace, so have fun with it!


  1. Bissette African Beaded Necklace

Best for: Family and friends with classic taste.



Gift someone special this timeless, beaded necklace that’s perfect for the holiday season. This handmade necklace is one of a kind, and it’s sure to take any look to the next level. Do you know any proud Deltas who’d love this necklace?


  1. Efua African Print Unisex Adults’ Loop Scarf

Best for: Family and friends who love cozy things.



You can’t help but look cozy and cute when you’re bundled up in our Efua African Print infinity scarf. This fashionable piece is not only functional, but it’s an excellent closet staple for the winter months, too!


  1. La Jolie African Print Midi Bag

Best for: Family and friends who love a good handbag.


Can’t get enough of African print items? Then, this midi bag will be your best companion. It works for every season, and it’s an excellent go-to bag for when you’re on the move!


African-Inspired Home Décor

Looking for ways to add some flare into your home? ZifasBoutique has a line-up of bold pieces that’ll stand out in any room.


  1. Joy African Print Table Runner

Best for: Family and friends who like to switch up their dining room décor.



This African print table runner will absolutely breathe new life into your dining room. Its vibrant colors will dress up your table or anywhere you put it. So bring some boldness to your mantles, tv consoles, and more!


  1. La Belle African Print Throw

Best for: Family and friends who are homebodies.


Gift this super plush African print blanket to your friends who love to curl up and watch TV after a long day. Who wouldn’t want to cuddle up with this beautiful African print throw?


  1. Shaka African Print Duvet Set

Best for: Family and friends who like to sleep like queens and kings.



Do you have a friend who desperately wants to redecorate their home? Then treat them to this iconic African print duvet set that’s breathable, soft, and most importantly, comfortable.


There you have it: ZifasBoutique holiday gift guide! We hope you found something special, and we wish you a Happy Holidays.



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