What's a Duvet Cover and Why Does Every Home Need One?


Duvet covers offer the ultimate in style and convenience, so it’s not surprising they’re a favorite for homes and luxury hotels throughout the world.

A duvet cover is basically a fabric envelop which opens on one end to accommodate the duvet (comforter) itself. If you’re considering buying a duvet cover, here’s what you need to know.


What are the Benefits of a Duvet Cover?

Duvet covers preserve the cleanliness of the often difficult and expensive to clean inner duvet. Since duvet covers easily open via buttons, ties, or a zipper, you can slip off the cover, launder it, and replace it quickly. This simple method makes it easier to keep any home clean and attractive.

Additionally, duvet covers are the ultimate decorating tool. Switch your cover and change your décor instantly. Countless designs and colors exist to suit any taste and any home. Duvet covers are also affordable, making it possible to change them with the seasons or your mood.

How do I choose the right Duvet Cover?

Quality duvet colors are usually cotton with a thread count of about 300 threads per square inch of fabric. A lower thread count results in a coarse, uncomfortable duvet cover that will not withstand wear.

A good choice is the  ZIFASBOUTIQUE VIOLET AFRICAN PRINT DUVET COVER it comes with 4 pillow cases , available in a queen size. The duvet cover has a zipper and ties inside at the 4 Corners to keep your comforter/ duvet secure. 

Laundering a Duvet Cover

Launder your duvet cover at least once a month, but you may want to wash it more often if you have pets or children. Simply undo the buttons, pull the cover off, and leave it inside out.

Read the label for laundering instructions and pre-treat any stains. Button the duvet cover to protect colors and patterns so they stay sharp and bright. Since most covers are cotton, wash in cold water on a setting with a long spin cycle. Add softener if you want to add a fresh scent and fluffy texture.

When possible, hang the duvet cover on a clothes line outside to dry. Sunlight naturally disinfects fabric and kills micro-organisms that may dwell in the fibers. Otherwise, follow the manufacturer’s instructions. This may include using a dryer on low to avoid shrinkage followed by ironing the duvet cover while it is still inside out.

How do I replace a Duvet Cover?

Don’t wrestle with your duvet cover when it’s time to put in back on. The process is very easy. Lay the duvet flat on your mattress and cover it with the inside out duvet cover with the opening at the bottom of the bed.

Reach into the duvet cover and find a corner at the top of the cover with each hand. Now reach down and grab the corresponding corners of the duvet lying on the mattress below.

Hold tightly, pull the corners toward you, and flip the cover and duvet until the cover turns right side out. Shake and fluff the duvet into position, push the bottom corners into the duvet cover, and close. That’s it.

Enjoy your fresh, clean cover and don’t worry if styles change or your duvet cover eventually wears. They’re so affordable you can switch them easily without breaking the bank.

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