ZifasBoutique - Colors and Prints are IN for 2022!


ZifasBoutique brings African culture to the forefront. The colder months are officially here which means new trends and styles are quickly overtaking the streets. While darker, muted colors and simple patterns have been known to rule fall and winter in the past, we must admit we’ve been eager for a change. This year, the greatest runways in the world saw the generous use of color and unforgettable prints in their shows, getting us excited and prepared for what’s to come.

Long story short, it’s all about colors, vibrant colors! Fashion for the foreseeable future is about making a statement and standing out amongst the crowd - and what better way to do that than with fun colorful, and versatile accessories?

ZifasBoutique features stunning bags, accessories, and house collections celebrating African culture in traditional prints and breathtaking style. Are you interested in refreshing your style or your home? Well ZifasBoutique is the online boutique for you. Check out some of our top favorite finds.

Bamidele African Print Tote Bag

Talk about a statement. The Bamidele African Print Tote Bag is the missing piece to your wardrobe, ready to complement every outfit in your repertoire in the best way possible. Fun, elegant, and functional - this easy to carry bag features plenty of space to hold your valuables and essentials throughout the day. Beautifully shaped wooden handles further contribute to this distinguishably designed bag. This is a must-have!

La Triangle II African Print Midi Bag

The La Triangle II African Print Midi Bag was made for you to create a fashionable moment in time. A bag that moves the way you need it to, the La Triangle can be carried by its unique center handle or longer detachable chain, cross body style. Asymmetric details add visual interest to your look unlike any other - get ready to turn heads.

Amefa African Print Large Bag (Satchel)

There’s no need to sacrifice great style to keep your items safe and organized. The Amefa African Print Satchel seamlessly integrates beautiful African prints and bold colors into your everyday, spicing up even your most neutral elegant outfits into elevated looks. Featuring a spacious interior and a designated compartment for your valuables, this bag has everything you need and much more.

Eve African Print Apron

Take your style with you, literally everywhere - including the kitchen. Staying busy making delicious meals has never looked better with the Eve African Print Apron. Accompanying a matching bonnet, this set is everything you need to take your cooking experience to the next level, as in perfect home photoshoot Instagram worthy content. But wait, that's not all! ZifasBoutique carries a variety of other African Print Aprons as well to find the perfect match for you and the many photo ready moments in the future.


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So, it's official - colors and prints are in for 2022 and ZifasBoutique has everything you need to make your day brighter and filled with color and excitement! Have fun exploring and integrating the best of what this trend has to offer. It is the season of gift giving after all, and at ZifasBoutique, you won’t have to look far. Check out their high-quality items online today to get liven up your wardrobe and home! Happy shopping!





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