6 Must-Have African Inspired Bags to Add to Your Handbag Collection This Year


When I get dressed in the mornings, my favorite part of styling my outfit is choosing a bag to complete the look. There’s nothing like a unique bag to elevate a look, add a pop of color, or be the finishing touch to an outfit you were looking for. And in my opinion, there’s no such thing as owning too many bags!

So, if you’ve been debating about adding to your accessories collection, the answer is, yes, you should. But if you’re tired of wearing the same bags as everyone else in the office, then you’ve come to the right place. ZifasBoutique bag collection is authentic, unique, and full of head-turning bags.

Discover six of our African-inspired bags below and find your new favorite bag just in time for the holidays!


  1. La Triangle II African Print Midi Bag


If you want a bag that’ll help you stand out from the crowd, the La Triangle II bag is the one for you. This Afrocentric bag is fashion-forward and functional thanks to its spacious interior. And if you want to rock this bag in hand, don’t worry, because the chain is removable. So gift this bag to your fashionista friend and thank us later!


  1. L’amour African Print Midi Bag

This versatile handbag turned crossbody is excellent for those who prefer their bags on the daintier side. You can still express your style with the bold African print that makes this bag stand out while remaining cute and classy.


  1. Chima African Print Tote Bag

Are you looking for a bag that’s simple yet still fashion-forward? This green and yellow  tote bag is the one for you. The Chima African tote bag is perfect for carrying your essentials while still adding to your overall style.  The unique wooden handles take this bag to the next level. Gift this bag to a friend who can appreciate the small details.


  4. Assiatou African Print Large Bag

If you’re the type of person who welcomes color and bold patterns, then you’ll love this crossbody bag. Bursting with bold reds, blues, greens, and yellows, this is the bag you opt for when you feel like having fun with fashion! It’s the perfect size for keeping your items safe during the day but still small enough to transform into your go-to going out bag.


5. Amadou African Print Large Bag

Okay, you’ve been scouring this list for a stylish bag that’s big enough for running errands with, then you’ve found your match. This bag is not only beautiful, but it’s the functional bag of your dreams. There’s a zipper for safekeeping, and this bag is the perfect size for storing items when you’re on the go!


    6. Mariam African Print Midsize Bag

This simple but stylish black, yellow and red bag is ready for the holidays! Pair it with your favorite holiday sweater, jeans, and boots, and you’ve got yourself an easy go-to outfit. This bag’s unique chains take everything to the next level. So, gift this bag to a loved one who loves to stay on-trend!


Which bag from ZifasBoutique will you be adding to your wish list?


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